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Highest Quality Aerial Products

Overview of Aerial Products

Landiscor has been providing quality aerial products for more than 50 years. Each product is unique in its design and in the information it provides to customers. Landiscor takes pride in each of its aerial products, dedicating hours of production time to researching and integrating recent data with newly acquired aerial and satellite imagery, all while maintaining a high level of quality and satisfaction from customers nationwide. Our wide array of aerial products and imagery services
ensure that, for whatever the purpose, you are able to clearly identify the images
and landmarks in any place around the world.


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PhotoMapper Desktop Software

Landiscor is the exclusive provider for all sales and technical support of PhotoMapper, the popular aerial viewing software. PhotoMapper is the fastest aerial interface available and will continue to be upgraded and maintained by Landiscor.

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LanDiscover Online Subscription

A new web-based solution that provides users with worldwide access to current imagery integrated with valuable real estate data. Landiscor’s popular printed products are now available through an online subscription.

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Wall Murals

Landiscor Wall Murals are a staple in thousands of conference rooms around the country. The wall mural covers your entire metro area and is a vital tool in determining land use, growth trends, and city planning.

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Real Estate Information

The Real Estate Photo Book product has been discontinued. However, access to this vital information including housing, apartments, retail, offices, schools, industrial, and other critical data is still available in our online mapping tool, LanDiscover. New to our product line are Traffic Count Data, Retailer Locations and Demographics.
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Aerial Image Files

Landiscor has access to a nationwide archive of high resolution aerial imagery and can deliver in multiple file formats (TIFF, ECW, JPEG, MrSID, etc…) and projections to meet any customer specifications. Files start at $250.

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Satellite Imagery

Landiscor is a reseller for DigitalGlobe and offers satellite imagery from QuickBird, WorldView-1 and WorldView-2. Customers can order from the massive archive or task one of the satellites for a new collect of their exact AOI.

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Landiscor Posters offer the same aerial scope and critical information that our Wall Murals do, but in a convenient roll-able poster that provides a marketing tool the customer can take with them. Custom posters with your logo and information are also available.

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Historical Imagery

Landiscor has one of the most comprehensive archives of aerial imagery dating back to the 1950’s in certain markets. Individual digital files of specific sites or full market mosaics can be created from these valuable negatives.

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Please contact us today to see how adding Real Estate Information from Landiscor to aerial and satellite imagery can help enhance your marketing materials and improve the accuracy and completeness of your research.