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High resolution Aerial Imagery

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

In addition to our PhotoMapper desktop software and conference room Wall Murals, Landiscor has a nationwide archive of off-the-shelf, current high resolution aerial imagery and can deliver any file format  or spatial projection.  Customers can request geoTIFF or JPEG aerial image files of large custom areas or specific properties and intersections.  The pricing is based on the file size and the files are usually available for download within 24 hours.

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Landiscor also offers ECW or PhotoMapper mosaics of entire metropolitan areas or custom extents as one large file or tiled out based on customer specifications.  All Landiscor imagery is compatible with GIS, demographic and mapping applications.  The compressed file formats provide a much faster, more manageable and convenient option to view large amounts of data.  They also dramatically reduce the amount of hard drive or server space required to house the data.  The full-market or custom area mosaics are typically delivered on an external hard drive or USB Flash drive.

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Whether you need an 8.5x11 image for a marketing flyer, a high quality 36x48 board for a presentation, a full-market digital imagery mosaic, or a huge aerial map for your conference room wall, Landiscor has the high resolution aerial imagery and mapping expertise to provide a cost effective solution for your project.

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Click on the images below for 1-foot resolution samples from our Phoenix imagery.